I regularly teach a range of courses on international conflict resolution, international security and research methodology:

POLSCI 233: Nuclear Weapons (syllabus)

POLSCI 428S (formerly POLSCI 328): International Conflict Resolution (syllabus)

POLSCI 659S: Civil Wars (syllabus)

POLSCI 731: Scope and Methods (syllabus)

HOUSECS 59.10: Exploring Challenges Related to Money and Power in Christian Thought and the Social Sciences (syllabus)

POLSCI 760: Core in Security, Peace and Conflict (syllabus)

POLSCI 160D: Introduction to Security Peace and Conflict and IR (syllabus)

POLSCI 528S: Peace and Conflict Processes (syllabus)

POLSCI 630: Probability and Basic Regression (syllabus)

Clausewitz’s dictum reversed on the Berlin Wall, 2005