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The Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology departments offer a Dropbox account to Staff and Faculty, with unlimited storage capacity. Most labs in Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology also have shared collaborative spaces, which are only accessible to those who have a Bio_EA Dropbox account. Below is information for obtaining an account.

Do you have a personal Dropbox account?

  • Free personal Dropbox accounts cannot be associated with a Duke email address.
  • Paid personal Dropbox accounts:
    The Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology departments offer a free account with unlimited storage.

    • If you decide to merge your paid account with the Bio_EA Dropbox account, you will be reimbursed, by Dropbox, for the remainder of your billing period.
      • To take advantage of this, the email address associated with your paid account will have to be your Duke email account. Specifically, it will need to be your NetID@duke.edu. For example, abc124@duke.edu.
    • If you would prefer to keep your paid account separate from your Bio_EA Dropbox account, please make sure that the email address associated with the account is not a Duke email account.


  1. Submit a service desk ticket to request a Bio_EA Dropbox Account
  2. Meet with your departmental Manager head (Randy Smith or Lisa Jones, or Sasha Calden, to sign the Dropbox Acceptable Use Agreement.
  3. Upon account creation, you will receive an invitation to join the Bio_EA Dropbox team via e-mail, follow the instruction provided to complete the online registration.

More Information:

Click here for information on obtaining access to a Dropbox Team folder
Click here to learn more about Dropbox features

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