Selected Papers:

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  •  Ennis, M., Bag, R., Liu, C., Dissanayake, S.E., Kolesnikov, A.I., Balents, L., Haravifard, S., Realization of Two-Sublattice Exchange Physics in Triangular Antiferromagnet Ba3Er(BO3)3. arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.02463 <Nature Communications Physics, accepted for publication> (2024).


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  • Steinhardt, W., Maksimov, P.A., Dissanayake, S., Shi, Z., Butch, N.P., Graf, D., Podlesnyak, A., Liu, Y., Zhao, Y., Xu, G., Lynn, J.W., Marjerrison, C., Chernyshev, A.L. and Haravifard, S., Phase Diagram of YbZnGaO4 in Applied Magnetic Field. Nature npj Quantum Materials, 6, 78 (2021).


  • Steinhardt, W., Shi, Z., Samarakoon, A., Dissanayake, S., Graf, D., Liu, Y., Zhu, W., Marjerrison, C., Batista, C.D. and Haravifard, S., Constraining the parameter space of a quantum spin liquid candidate in applied field with iterative optimization. Physical Review Research, 3(3), p.033050 (2021).


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Book Chapters:

  • Haravifard, Z. Yamani, B. D. Gaulin. (2015) Quantum Phase ‎Transitions, Invited Chapter in “Experimental Methods in Physics: Neutron ‎Scattering – Magnetic and Quantum Phenomena”, Edited by D.L. Price and F. Fernandez-Alonso, Academic Press, Elsevier.


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