Our Labs

Materials preparation is the heart of any successful materials physics endeavor. At the Haravifard Labs, the quest for novel materials follows a specific course referred to as materials discovery, design and synthesis. Our goal is to better understand, and ultimately control, the emergent behavior in exotic quantum materials, with an eye toward discovering new materials or new physical phenomena. We direct our materials discovery activities by our interest in high temperature superconductors, novel frustrated quantum magnets such as spin-liquid systems, and new emergent states of matter.

Our labs are equipped with the state-of-the-art sample synthesis and crystal growth capabilities primarily by means of Optical Floating Zone Image furnace, Chemical Vapor Transport, Flux, Hydrothermal, and Bridgman techniques. We also have a variety of cutting-edge sample characterization tools including  TGA/DSC, Powder X-ray diffractrometer, Laue Xray back-scattering, SQUID (7 Tesla/He-3 system) and PPMS DynaCool (14 Tesla / Dilution Fridge) systems. Below are few pictures of our labs: