Our group investigates the structure and function of biological clock networks. Genetic, genomic, mathematical, and statistical modeling approaches are used to identify components of clock networks and discover their functions in dynamical biological systems. Current clocks under study include cell-cycle clock networks in the model yeast, S. cerevisiae, in the pathogenic yeast, C. neoformans, and in human cancer cell lines. In collaboration with malaria researchers at AFRIMS and WRAIR, new efforts are underway to identify clock-controlled mechanisms utilized by Plasmodia during malarial infections.  As well, we continue to develop new quantitative tools to infer gene regulatory networks and to construct dynamical systems models with John Harer’s group (Dept. of Mathematics, Duke), and with our collaborators Tomas Gedeon (Dept. of Mathematics, Montana St.) and Konstantin Mischaikow (Dept. of Mathematics, Rutgers).


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