Assignments – Herodotus

Do not print this schedule. Subject to change at any time, up to the class meeting preceding that on which the assignment is due.

DatePurple patchChapters & readingsOCT pagesClass presenter(s)
[all must read in Greek all passages with asterisk ]
Tu. Aug. 30Proem*1.1-5 (proem), start a quick read of the Essential Herodotus*3
Th. Sept. 1No Class (waj in Calif.)Finish reading Essential Herodotus; determine contracted readings for Herodotus and email to waj
Tu. Sept. 6Book 1
Lydian logos1.6-95 [*70-78]51 [*6 ]
Th. Sept. 8Book 1 (ctd)
Accession of Cyrus1.96-13020
Secondary reading: Dewald 1987. Carolyn Dewald, “Narrative Surface and Authorial Voice in Herodotus’ Histories,” Arethusa 20: 147-70.Alex Karston, Adrian High
Tu. Sept. 13Book 2
Country and customs of Egypt*2. 1-9 , *19-27.1, 35-36, 65-79, 82-8820 [*8.5 ]
Helen, Rhampsinitis, Cheops2.112-12814
Th. Sept. 15Book 3
Campaign of Cambyses3.1-7, 9-15.2, 27-3817
Revolt of Magi and Constitutional Debate3.61-75, *76-8717 [ *8 ]
Secondary reading: de Jong 2002Tori Lee, Clinton Kinkade
de Jong 2002. Irene J. F. de Jong, “Narrative Unity and Units.” in Bakker et al. 2002.
Optional: de Jong 2001 . Irene J. F. de Jong, “The Anachronical Structure of Herodotus’ Histories,” in S. J. Harrison, Texts, Ideas, and the Classics (Oxford), 93-116.
Tu. Sept. 20Book 4
Scythia: people and customs4.1-5, 8-11, 60-65.1, 68-8018
Scythian campaign4.83-92, 97-102, 110-142 [*126-142]22.5 [*7.5]
Optional Secondary reading: Pelling 1997. C. B. R. Pelling, “East is east and west is west — or are they? National stereotypes in Herodotus,” Histos 1 (on line journal).
Th. Sept. 22Books 5-6
Ionian revolt5.49-54, *97, *99-103, *105-107, 116-120, *122-126, 6.1-19, 25-32 17 [*6.5]
Secondary reading: Boedeker 2000.Alex Fowler, Erickson Bridges
Boedeker 2000. Deborah Boedeker, “Herodotus’s Genre(s).” In M. Depew & Dirk Obbink, Matrices of Genre, Authors, Canons and Society (Cambridge MA) 97-114.
Optional: The co-called Liar School: Fehling 1971 (trans 1989) excerpts (brief)
Tu. Sept. 27 & Th. Sept. 29Books 6-7
Invasion of Xerxes 7.*1-19, 20-35, 53-60, 100-10530 [*15 (sic)]Nota bene: spread over the full week
Artemisium, Thermopylae7.175-196, 201-23928
Tu. Oct. 4Books 8-9
Plataea9.28-85: read in Selincourt translation28From Selincourt's translation
Coda*9.114-122*3.5 (sic)
Secondary reading: Herington 1991a. C. John Herington, "The Closure of Herodotus’ Histories” ICS 16: 149-160.Alex Fowler, Erickson Bridges
Th. Oct. 6Herodotus' predecessors and contemporariesHecataeus, fragmentaNo assignment - we will read and study in class as a workshop
Secondary reading (short): Fowler 2006 ("Herodotus and his prose contemporaries")
Examination 1: Take home, due by noon Wed. Oct. 12
(Oct. 7-11 is Fall Break). This exam will cover (1) mandatory Greek readings, (2) contracted Greek readings, (3) broad essay on content/interpretation.