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Antonio Gramsci (ITALIAN 588S; LIT 572S)
T – 04:40PM to 07:10PM in Languages 305

“If one wants to study the conception of a world-view that has not been exposed systematically by its author (and whose essential coherence is to be found not in a single essay or in a series of essays, but in the entire development of all his intellectual work, in which the elements of such view of the world are implicit), we need to do careful, preliminarily philological work, carried out with the greatest scruples of exactness, of scientific honesty, of intellectual loyalty, and without preconceptions or prejudice.” Taking as a starting point Gramsci’s note from notebook 16 § 2, this course proposes a philological reading of the fragmentary Prison Notebooks to reconstruct the “world-view” and possible political uses implicit in Gramscian concepts such
as hegemony, praxis, Renaissance, Reformation, popular literature, Americanism and subaltern.