This project will be tied to a Spring 2023 course (see below) and Story+ projects. We look forward to collaborating with a wide range of faculty and students who can use their linguistic, historical, and geographical expertise to explore both expected and unexpected sites of Jewish Modernism in order to produce a website and exhibit in Perkins Library at Duke.

Mapping Jewish Modernism
(RomSt 381S/711S, German 381S/711S, Italian 381S/711S, JewishSt 381/711S, English 382S, Lit 386S)
Kata Gellen & Saskia Ziolkowski

This course explores the multiple ways that Jewish literature maps onto different locations around the world—from traveling characters in novels to migrating authors, international publication and translation practices, and holdings in archives and libraries around the world. We will explore the transnational, cross-cultural, and multilingual dimensions of modern Jewish literature, with a special focus on items held in Duke’s Rubenstein library. Students will conduct individual and collective research on topics and figures of interest to them, and will develop a project for a website and exhibit at Perkins Library. We will read Kafka, Schnitzler, Svevo, Morante, Carrington, Woolf, and Toomer, among others. This course is open to graduate students and undergraduates, with assignments that correspond to the level at which students are enrolled. Taught in English. Codes: CCI, ALP, R.