Shai Ginsburg

Shai Ginsburg, Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Victoria Szabo

Victoria Szabo, Department of Art, Art History, and Visual Studies


Affiliated Faculty and Staff

    • Eileen Anderson, Romance Studies
    • Enrique Cachafeiro, Occupational and Environmental Safety
    • Leo Ching, AMES
    • Robert Duvall, Computer Science
    • Michael Faber, OIT
    • Nayoung Aimee Kwon, AMES
    • Yan Liu, AMES
    • Hae-young Kim, AMES
    • Genna Miller, Economics
    • Marshall Miller, Center for Study of Aging
    • Elise Mueller, DLI
    • Luis Navarro Roncero, Romance Studies
    • Ed Triplett, AAHVS
    • Augustus Wendell, AAHVS
    • Yujia Ye, AMES
    • Dave Zielinski, AAHVS

Past Partners

  • Greg Appelbaum, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science
  • Joselyn McDonald, OIT