About Us

The Fuqua Low-Income, First-Generation Experience Club (LIFE) is a student-run organization that supports our community’s LIFE members, and advocates for our peers’ unique yet invisible experiences within the wider Fuqua community. We aim to mitigate structural barriers and improve the overall business school experience for LIFErs through admissions initiatives, community engagement, and professional development resources. Our club also aims to develop allyship programing to create an impact beyond Fuqua and support socioeconomically disadvantaged students and young professionals by creating opportunities for LIFE and non-LIFE students to engage in discussions about class privilege and systemic inequities, empowering future leaders to be inclusive, engaging, and authentic in advocating for LIFErs.

Our organization operates on four core principles:

  1. Inclusive Community: we carry many different identities and lived experiences, which we will honor under our united LIFE identity
  2. Connection and Collaboration: we have navigated many experiences throughout life on our own, but we commit to building a supportive network and deepening relationships with one another to learn and grow together
  3. Open Doors: we will enable others to thrive and succeed by mitigating barriers and facilitating access to spaces
  4. Acknowledge our Power: we deserve and are worthy of being in every single space including the MBA programs and workplaces

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