Events and Programming

LIFE is in its first year as a chartered club and has grown to 85 members who identify with the LIFE identity! We are excited to continue to expand and grow in our presence at Fuqua and beyond, while also focusing on how to better the experience of our LIFE community by supporting our members through specialized programming and events. Below are a few examples we have hosted had thus far:



LIFE Lens: A panel of five LIFE members (Jessi Aguilar, Janice Cater, Gary Guilliams, Tracey Cheun, William Diamont) share their stories and experiences with the greater Fuqua community. Moderated by Stephanie Robertson.







Winter LIFE Social: Our first community event where we had drinks, food, and gingerbread making! We love having the opportunity to deepen our relationships.







Fuqua 22′ Club Fair: Sharing our club mission to current and prospective students




What’s in the works for Fall 2023:

  • Recruitment events geared toward LIFE applicants
  • Negotiations workshop for LIFE members with Professor Grainne Fitzsimmons
  • Partner event with AWIB on Financial Planning
  • Career-specific sessions for LIFE members on navigating recruitment, job negotiations, job offers, and rejection
  • Mental health events for LIFE members that specifically address the unique challenges of being a LIFEr at business school