Prospective Students

Thank you for visiting the General Management Club’s website! We are excited that you are considering pursuing a Duke MBA.

FAQ For Prospective Students

1) What do we do?

The General Management Club (GMC) offers a collection of events throughout the year to educate students about general management and prepare them for internship and full-time job opportunities. Below is a list of events we host throughout the year:

Industry Intensives: Part of our mission is to educate students on a diverse set of opportunities in general management. Our Industry Intensive events are designed to help students become more familiar with different industries and increase their awareness of general management positions.

Interview Preparation: During these sessions, second-year students volunteer their time to answer any questions that first-year students have as they prepare for internship interviews with general management firms. Second-year students also volunteer to conduct mock interviews with first-year students.

2) How large is the club?

The GMC is one of the largest professional clubs at Fuqua with over 500 people on our mailing list and approximately 150 regularly active members.

3) How can I get more involved?

Membership with the GMC is free and open to all first and second year students at Fuqua. There are also FY and SY cabinet roles in the GMC. These positions provide individuals with the opportunity to plan activities for the club and drive events and programs.

4) Does the club partner with other professional clubs or Centers of Excellence at Fuqua?

The club works closely with other professional clubs, such as the Corporate Finance, Marketing, Media Entertainment & Sports, and Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital.

5) What types of companies recruit for General Management?

General Management covers a broad range of industries and functions ranging from leadership development programs (LDPs) to strategic management positions (internal consulting) to product management. Industries targeting GMC members include: banking, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, airline, automotive, and technology.

6) Do I need to have a specific background to get offers for general management positions?

There is not a typical background for students going into General Management so don’t worry if your background is unrelated. Companies are aware that most students are career switchers and they looking for future leaders that come from diverse backgrounds.

7) What kinds of ‘general management’ positions are recruited for at Fuqua?

Internship and full-time positions include but are not limited to: supply chain management, operations, rotational leadership programs, corporate strategy, corporate finance, and product management.

8) Where do our students intern & find full-time positions?

A short sample list includes: American Airlines, Bank of America, Citi, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, General Motors, Liberty Mutual, Pepsico, Vanguard, and Wal-Mart.