AWIB Women’s Leadership Conference

Information on 2022 Women’s Leadership Weekend 


“The weekend event is open to all individuals, regardless of gender, who share our goals for a diverse community.”

The Duke MBA Women’s Leadership Weekend event offers all prospective female students a unique opportunity to sample Duke in the company of other women and like-minded individuals — from peers considering business school to current MBA students and leading faculty and alumnae.

The entire Duke community, not just our female community, is committed to diversity, and thus, the weekend event  is open to all individuals, regardless of gender, who share our goals for a diverse community.

Fuqua’s Commitment to Diversity

We are committed to building and sustaining a multicultural and intellectually diverse environment by celebrating and valuing diversity in all its forms – opinion, background, work experience, age, ethnicity, gender, race, belief, and talent. We believe you learn the most from people who see things differently than you do. Your Duke MBA experience will shape your worldview and foster a mindset open to different perspectives, new ideas, and innovative solutions. That openness is one of the most valuable legacies we impart. It is why the entire Duke community has a long-standing commitment to diversity, and is a key reason companies choose to recruit at Duke.

Women’s Leadership Weekend

Coffee Chats – “Real Talk”

Blue Devil Weekend

Each year in the fall, AWIB in conjunction with Admissions hosts Women’s Leadership Weekend. Join us for networking events and hear from inspiring alumnae during this two-day event.

Great way to connect with members of AWIB and learn about academics, recruiting, and more. We look forward to meeting you soon! Sign up thru admissions.

For all admitted students, Fuqua offers admitted students the chance to visit. This experience allows admitted students to meet students, hear from professors, make new friends, and check out housing opportunities.