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Effective Teaching Strategies for Poor Judgment

Assist with Abstract Social Skills

  • Help students understand different classroom scenarios
  • Teach them how to recognize social cues
  • Present social skills in a concrete way
  • Do not attempt to explain and re-explain abstract concepts

Train Social Skills through Role Play

  • Teach habits that promote success in the classroombrain-speech
  • Script the role play with the student
    • Students will help write or type
    • Practice the script
    • Give assistance when needed
    • Provide plenty of repetition
    • Positively reinforce
  • Anticipate Possible Difficulties
  • Help the student avoid or circumvent them
  • Routines and predictability help
  • Consult the school counselor or school psychologist for a social skills group orĀ individual counseling.

Teach Conflict Resolution

Role play using different settings where conflict occurs (help them generalize)

  • Playground
  • Choice time in the classroom
  • Group instruction
  • Lunchroom

Reinforce cause-and-effect

  • Rehearse
  • Practice
  • Reteach

Reinforce positive behaviorslide

  • Give praise
  • Rewards (change frequently to ensure interest)
  • Stickers
  • Smile
  • Call home or send a note
  • Recognize small achievements, too!

Give immediate feedback for negative behavior

  • Avoid threats
  • Be consistent
  • Keep explanations brief
  • Give established consequences

Supervise and Monitor