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About the Authors

Chandra D. Zieff, M.Ed.

Chandra received an M.Ed. in Special Education at Lesley College in Boston, MA. She earned her Resource Specialist Certificate from the University of California at Hayward, and has been a Special Educator for the past 28 years. She has worked with students from preschool through adulthood specializing in learning disabilities and behavioral issues. Currently Chandra is an Educational Consultant providing educational evaluations and consultations. She works individually with students in the pre-K-8 grade level.

Rochelle D. Schwartz-Bloom, Ph.D.

Rochelle is a Professor of Pharmacology at Duke University Medical Center, where she has been teaching since 1986. Her interests lie in the effects of drugs and alcohol on brain function. She also has an active research program in science education, and is funded by the National Institutes of Health to study how science education in areas of drug and alcohol pharmacology can help high school students improve in science. Rochelle has created numerous science education resources for K-12 teachers and students (sites.duke.edu/rise). She is the founder and Director of the Duke Center for Science Education (sites.duke.edu/scied).

Mark Williams, Ph.D.

Mark Williams, formerly a neurobiologist at Duke University and President/Creative Director of Pyramis Studios, illustrated the FASD Guide.  Mark served as the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Davidson College in NC, serving as an advisor to the Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Other Acknowledgements

  • Banner, cover design and content layout by Cathy Zhou, Duke ’09
  • MRI Images courtesy of Edward Riley , Ph.D., and Sarah Mattson, Ph.D., San Diego State University,
    San Diego, CA
  • Discussions with Ann P. Streissguth, Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle, WA