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Classroom Environment Strategies

Define and organize classroom space

  • Strategically place the student’s desk away from distractions
  • Create a quiet corner or “office” work space with a carrel or a table
  • Use photos, pictures, or words to label storage shelves and define where items belong

Keep the classroom tidy and neat

  • Use cabinets and storage boxes to put away the teacher’s supplies and classroom materials
  • Cover bookshelves with cloth when not being used
  • Use in/out baskets for class work and homework

Keep visual distractions to a minimum

  • Eliminate hanging mobiles from the ceiling
  • Decorate bulletin boards in quiet colors
  • Remove colorful displays near student work areas
  • Use “calm” colors (e.g., light blue, pale yellow , cream) for the classroom

A quiet, calm environment is desired

  • Keep the lighting subtle and the noise level low
  • Provide soft music when beneficial
  • Have headphones available for quiet time