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“Civilization exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice”. Will Durant

“Through geology, we understand our identity. It is sad that geology is sometimes regarded as a ‘dry’ science, for it underlies everything. Geology is a kind of unconscious mind for the world”Richard Fortey


Hanging RockThis course serves as an introduction to the earth sciences.  We will focus on the physical substances of the earth (rocks and minerals), and the physical processes that have and continue to shape our planet.  Our journey will take us to the center of the earth and into the outer reaches of the solar system; from the hot depths of volcanic craters to the cool reaches of the deep ocean.  We will encounter the slow shifting of sand grains by timeless winds and the immense power and sudden violence of earthquakes.  On the way, we will seek to understand how earth scientists think and reason, and what impact our planet’s geological character has on our lives and the future of the human species.

Official Undergraduate Course Bulletin Description:
101. The Dynamic Earth. NS, STS Introduction to the dynamic processes that shape the Earth and the environment and their impact upon society. Volcanoes, earthquakes, seafloor spreading, floods, landslides, groundwater, seashores and geohazards. Emphasis on examining the lines of inductive and deductive reasoning, quantitative methods, modes of inquiry, and technological developments that lead to understanding the Earth’s dynamic systems. Instructors: Klein or Glass. One course.

Times and Location:

Spring 2019
M, W 3:05-4:20pm
Biosciences 111

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