Faculty Disclosure
The following speakers and/or planning committee members have indicated that they have a relationship(s) with industry to disclose:

Matthew P. Abdel, MD
Board/committee Member: AAOS, Financial Support: Springer

Publishing, IP Royalties: Stryker

Jeff D. Almand, MD
Paid Consultant: Zimmer

Oke Anakwenze, MD
Paid Consultant: Additive Orthopedics, DJ Orthopaedics, Tornier;

Consultant: Exatech, LIMA.

Keith R. Berend, M.D.
Editorial/governing board: Reconstructive Review, Clinical
Orthopaedics and Related Research, Journal of Arthroplasty, Journal of Bone and Joint, Surgery-American, Orthopedics,
Research support/royalties:  Total Joint Orthopedics, Parvizi
Surgical Innovation, Firstkind, Zimmer-Biomet, SPR Therapeutics, Elute, Inc., Joint Development Corporation, VuMedi, Kinetic Concepts; Paid Consultant: Engage Surgical, Zimmer-Biomet,
Stock: Elute, Inc., Joint Development Corporation, Parvizi Surgical

Innovation, Prescribe Fit, SPR Therapeuticis, Sympto Health, VuMedi.
Michael E. Berend, M.D. – Board/committee Member: Knee Society, Operation Walk;
Royalties/research support:  Zimmer-Biomet, Reconstructive Innovations, ProMapp, SCD.

Michael P. Bolognesi, MD
Research support: Zimmer Biomet; DePuy Synthes; Smith &

Nephew, Exactech; KCI, Acelity, AOA Omega; Editorial/governing board: Journal of
Arthroplasty, Arthroplasty Today, AAHKS BOD, Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances,  
EOA BOD; Consultant: Zimmer Biomet; Smith & Nephew, TJO; Royalties/Stock: Amedica;
TJO; Zimmer Biomet, TJO.

Rhett K. Hallows, MD
Consultant: Smith & Nephew, Total Joint Orthopedics;
Royalties: Total

Joint Orthopedics.

Aaron A. Hofmann, M.D.
Consultant: TJO; Royalties: Zimmer.

Jason M. Jennings, M.D.
Research support: DePuy; Consultant: TJO, Xenex; Stock: Xenex;  

Royalties: TJO.

William A. Jiranek, MD
Consultant: DePuy; Board/committee Member: AAHKS, Hip
Society; Royalties/stock: Biomech Holdings, LLC.

Christopher S. Klifto, MD
Consultant: Smith & Nephew, Acumed; Restor3d.

Paul F. Lachiewicz, MD
Consultant: Curio Sciences, Gerson Lehrman Group; Guidepoint

Global Advisors; Heron Therapeutics, Innocoll, Innomed;
Editorial/governing board: Journal of
Arthroplasty; Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances.

Richard Chad Mather, M.D.
Board/Committee member: Arthroscopy Association of North

American, NCOA; International Society of Hip Arthroscopy;
Consultant: Regeneration

Technologies, Stryker.  

Christopher L. Peters, M.D.
Board Member: American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons,

Journal of Hip Preservation, Knee Society, Journal of Arthroplasty,
Consultant: Biomet;

Research Support: Biomet; Stock: CoNextions Medical, Muve Health.

Thorsten M. Seyler, MD
Research support/royalties: TJO, Biomet-Zimmer, Next Science;

Restor3D, Pattern Health, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins;
Editorial/governing board:  AAHKS;
Musculoskeletal Infection Society; Consultant: Heraeus, Smith & Nephew, TJO.

Benjamin M. Stronach, MD
Board/Committee Member: AAOS, American Association of Hip
and Knee Surgeons; Consultant: DJ Orthopaedics, KCI, Medical Device Business Services,
Smith & Nephew;
Stock/IP royalties: MiCare Path, Joint Development, Tightline

Development, Sawbones/Pacific Research Laboratories.

Samuel S. Wellman, MD
Research support/royalties: Zimmer Biomet, DePuy, Stryker,
Medacta, Joint Development, Total Joint Orthopaedics; Consultant: Smith & Nephew, Total
Joint Orthopedics;
Board/committee member: Journal of Arthroplasty, American Association

of Hip and Knee Surgeons.

The following speakers and/or planning committee members have indicated that they have no relationship(s) with industry to disclose:

Benjamin A. Alman, MD
David E. Attarian, MD
Scott S. Kelley, MD
Sean P. Ryan, MD
Andrew Schwartz, MD
Kevin P. Speer, MD