7 – 7:30 am Registration and Breakfast
7:30 am Michael Berend, MD Welcome and Introduction of Faculty
7:35 am William Jiranek, MD The Duke Ortho Experience in Condition-Based Bundles
7:41 am Chad Mather, MD Health Innovation Value Enterprise: The HIVE
7:47 am Keith Berend, MD Patient Satisfaction: The Ultimate Scorecard
7:53 am Michael Berend, MD Physician Owned Physician Run Outpatient Joint Replacement: Current State
7:59 am  Benjamin Alman, MD Will Traditional Arthroplasty for Osteoarthritis Become Obsolete?
8:07 am Michael Bolognesi, MD Discussion
8:19 am Keith Berend, MD Introduction of Visiting Professor
8:21 am Daniel Berry, MD Visiting Professor: Revision THA: The Adventure From Predictably Bad to Predictably Good Results and Lessons for our Main Unsolved Problem in Joint Replacement
8:41 am  Michael Bolognesi, MD Discussion
8:51 am Keith Berend, MD
Michael Berend, MD
Michael Bolognesi, MD
Special Presentation
8:53 am Keith Berend, MD
Michael Berend, MD
Daniel Berry, MD
ALL FACULTY Resident/Fellow Case Presentations and Discussion (Hip and Knee Knee Arthroplasty)- D Kugelman, N Cochrane, D Smith, M Harkader
9:25 am Break
9:40 am Aaron Hofmann, MD Cementless Total Knee for Dummies
9:46 am D Gerow, MD Anterior Knee Pain after Medial UKA
9:52 am Keith Berend, MD KA TKA: The PROMise of a Better Knee
9:58 am Antonia Chen, MD Robotic TKA: Why is this My Approach?
10:04 am Sean Ryan, MD Robots in TKA: Are Any of These Platforms Really Robots?
10:10 am Cameron Ledford, MD Discussion
10:20 am C Penrose, MD Lateral UKA Outcomes and Indications
10:26 am  Aaron Hofmann, MD Symmetric vs Asymmetric Knee Implants: Our Experience with 1000 Knees
10:32 am Keith Berend, MD 20-Year Results of Medial Mobile UKA
10:38 am Antonia Chen, MD Fixed Bearing Medial UKA: My Approach and Indications
10:44 am William Jiranek, MD Technique in Lateral UKA
10:50 am Ned Amendola, MD Patellafemoral Arthroplasty: Current State
10:56 am Sean Ryan, MD Discussion
11:06 am Carlos Higuera-Rueda, MD Perioperative Antibiotics in TJA
11:12 am Thorsten Seyler, MD Dental Prophylaxis in TJA Patients: What Do I Do?
11:18 am William Jiranek, MD Update from the Clinic of Hope
11:24 am Michael Bolognesi, MD The 1.5 Spacer: Does it Have a Role?
11:30 am Cameron Ledford, MD Single Stage Exchange in PJI
11:36 am Sean Ryan, MD DAIR: How Do I Do It, and What Has to Be Considered?
11:42 am  Carlos Higuera-Rueda, MD The Current State of Diagnosis for PJI
11:48 am Daniel J. Berry, MD Discussion
11:58 am Lunch
12:15 pm Michael Berend, MD
Cameron Ledford, MD
Pre-Recorded Surgical Video: Robotic TKA ROSA – Moderator: Keith Berend, MD
12:35 pm Antonia Chen, MD Pre-Recorded Surgical Video: Robotic TKA MAKO – Moderator: Michael Bolognesi, MD / Aaron Hofmann, MD
Second Annual EBARS Medical Student Abstract Competition
1:10 pm J. Leal, MD TBD
1:15 pm K. Kutzer, MD TBD
1:20 pm E. Luo, MD TBD
1:25 pm Michael Berend, MD
Sean Ryan, MD
Discussion and Award Presentation
1:36 pm TBD The Continuum of Constraint in Revision TKA
1:42 pm Daniel Berry, MD Combined Metaphyseal Cones and Diaphyseal Impaction Grafting: A New Technique for the Multiply Failed Revision TKA
1:50 pm Adam Brekke, MD Discussion
2:00 pm BREAK
2:15 pm Keith Berend, MD Pre-Recorded Video Demo- Kinematic Total Knee Arthroplasty – Moderator: William Jiranek, MD
2:35 pm Aaron Hofman, MD
Cameron Ledford, MD
ALL FACULTY Resident/Fellow Case Presentations and Discussion (Knee Arthroplasty) – R. Goel, MD, J. Florance, MD, P. Kelly, MD
3:04 pm Sean Ryan, MD DA Approach Technique Tips and Tricks and No Table
3:10 pm Rhett Hallows, MD Predictive Hip Modeling with Robotic THA
3:16 pm Thorsten Seyler, MD STAR Approach: Techniques and Tips
3:22 pm Adam Brekke, MD ABMS: The Duke Approach
3:28 pm Aaron Hofman, MD Cementless Hips After 70 – Who Needs Cement?
3:34 pm Daniel J. Berry, MD THA in Patients with DDH, Including Subtrochanteric Osteotomy for High Dislocation
3:40 pm Carlos Higuera-Rueda, MD Discussion
3:46 pm BREAK
3:58 pm  Cameron Ledford, MD GLP-1 Agonist in TJA Optimization and Outcomes
4:04 pm Carlos Higuera-Rueda, MD Activity Following Total Joint Arthroplasty
4:10 pm Aaron Hofman, MD Ultracongruent Tibial Inserts-Evolution of Stability
4:16 pm Blake Boggess, DO $tem $ales and other Orthopedic $ide Hustles”- Orthobiologics Update 2024
4:22 pm Chad Mather, MD Techniques for Capsule Preservation Through Reconstruction
4:28 pm Michael Berend, MD Discussion
4:36 pm Michael Bolognesi, MD Presentation of the Second AAH Family Fund Resident Research Grant in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty
4:39 pm Oke Anakwenze, MD
Keith Berend, MD
Sean P. Ryan, MD
Hands-on Demo with Synthetic Surgical Training Models (KRB- Kinematic TKA, SPR/Penrose- Pneumatic Impaction Technique for Primary TKA)
5:15 pm A. Schwartz, MD Orthopaedic Implant Unknown Cases


7 – 7:35 am Registration and Breakfast
7:35 am Cameron Ledford, MD Custom TriPhlange in Revision THA
7:41 am Carlos Higuera- Rueda, MD Acetabular Reconstruction Using Cemented Components
7:47 am Daniel Berry, MD Extended Greater Trochanteric Osteotomy in Revision THA: Technique and Results
7:55 am William Jiranek, MD Removal of Well Fixed Femoral Components
8:01 am Michael Berend, MD Reflections on Career Milestones
8:11 am Antonia Chen, MD Discussion
The Bone is Broken Session
8:27 am Christian Pean, MD Management of Proximal Femoral Periprosthetic Fractures
8:33 am Malcolm DeBaun, MD Management of Distal Femoral Periprosthetic Fractures
8:39 am Daniel Berry, MD Management of Periprosthetic Femur Fractures around THA with Revision THA
8:45 am  William Jiranek, MD Discussion
8:54 am Michael Berend, MD Pre-Recorded Technique Video: Complex Acetabular Reconstruction with Custom Triphlange
Moderator: Carlos Higuera-Rueda, MD
9:14 am   Break
9:30 am Christopher Klifto, MD The Role of Adjunctive Technologies for TSA
9:36 am Tally Lassiter, MD OP Total Shoulder Arthroplasty: The Duke Experience
9:42 am Oke Anakwenze, MD The Role of Intra-operative Navigation for TSA
9:58 am SPR Pre-Recorded Technique Video– Hip Insight for Acetabular Component Planing and Implantation
Moderator: Antonia Chen, MD
10:18 am Adam Brekke, MD
Michael Berend, MD
ALL FACULTY Resident/Fellow Case Presentations and Discussion (Hip Arthroplasty) Eric Dilbone, MD, Marcus, DiLallo, MD, Christine Wu, MD
10:48 am Thorsten Seyler, MD Pre-Recorded Technique Video-Robotic Assisted Revision TKA
Moderator: Michael Bolognesi, MD
11:15 am Lunch
11:25 am Carlos Higuera- Rueda, MD Complex Acetabular Reconstruction: Harrington Principles with a Cemented Cup and Rebar Screws
Moderator: Keith Berend, MD, and Michael Berend, MD
11:45 am Keith Berend, MD
Michael Berend, MD
Discussion and Thank You
Noon Adjourn