February 13, 2011


After much anticipation, you are finally set to start your life at Duke!

International Student Orientation – Should You Sign Up?

As international students, you have the option to sign up for the International Student Orientation. We strongly encourage you to do so, because:

  • You will be allowed to move in a few days earlier than the other freshmen. Moving in early also allows you grab furniture, pillows etc. from Target and Walmart before they are bought up by others.
  • The International Student Orientation helps you resolve many of the visa issues.
  • You get to mingle with fellow international students, which is a great start to building your social circle at Duke!

If you choose to arrive earlier than the International Student Orientation, you will have to find your own accommodation. Reach out to us for recommendations.

From the Airport to Duke

IHouse Service
The International House (IHouse) typically offers a pick-up service. Volunteers will pick you up from the airport and send you to your dorm. They are extremely helpful and most will even let you sleep over at their house if you move in early. They might also offer to bring you to Target and Walmart.

You will most likely be presented with this offer while enrolling for the International Student Orientation. We recommend that you take it up if you are travelling to Durham on your own.

From the airport (RDU), you can also take an Uber/Lyft to Duke University East Campus, where your dorm is. Sharing rides will make it cheaper for you.

Millennium hotel
If you are headed to Millennium hotel, look for the free shuttle at the airport.

Timing Your Arrival
You will be notified by Duke’s Housing, Dining and Residence Life (HDRL) regarding the hours during which you can collect your keys. Time your arrival during these hours, or you might have to sleep on the streets. (N.B. Please do not sleep on the streets!)