August 12, 2014

Mobile Applications

Here are some useful mobile applications to download:

1. TransLoc Rider

This is a highly recommended app for all Duke students, especially relevant on those freezing winter nights when you don’t want to wait in the cold at the bus stop. Short for Transit Locator, this app shows all operating bus routes, the exact location of each bus at the point in time, and the estimated arrival time of the bus (very accurate timings!). Even though Duke buses run rather frequently (5 min intervals) during peak hours such as class change timings, you may have to wait much longer at night, on weekends or during school holidays.

This app also works for bus services operating outside of Duke in the Durham area, including Durham Area Transit Authority (DATA) buses – these buses often operate on a half hourly or hourly basis, so do check the estimated time of arrival beforehand!

2. DukeMobile

The DukeMobile App is a collection of the most frequently visited sites used by Duke students. Whenever you require information related to school events, facilities, etc. while you are on the move, the DukeMobile App should be the first place you go to!

Here are some of the more useful functions that might come in handy for you:

As a freshman new to Duke’s 8709-acre-huge campus, this map of Duke’s entire area – East, West and Central Campuses included – can be very useful during those first few days of navigating and exploring, and perhaps more importantly, to avoid losing your way on the long-awaited first day of classes!

The DukeCard function is also useful for you to keep track of your remaining Food/Flex points, ePrint balance and FLUNCH money. For freshmen, it is a good idea to use this to take note of your Marketplace swipes left for the rest of the week.

3. CamScanner

Not a Duke app, but it has worked well for many Singaporean Dukies and we would like to introduce this to you too! It allows you to take a photo of a document on your phone and converts it automatically into a .pdf file, which you can then email directly to yourself, or send straight to Duke’s ePrint and get the hard copy right away!