There is no better time to be a leader in your community than now! Duke SNMA offers many opportunities for students that are passionate about the affairs of minorities to get involved. From opportunities to engage in various community service opportunities, participation in national conferences and research symposiums, and collaborate with distinguished faculty at Duke, there are always ways to get involved with Duke SNMA!

To become a member of Duke SNMA you must be enrolled within the Duke University School of Medicine as well as pay annual chapter dues. The amount for dues is $25 each year for membership. Please contact our treasurer, DJ Briggs (damon.briggs) to submit your dues.

There are also opportunities to get involved with SNMA on a national level! You can find more information on becoming a national member of SNMA at For any questions about how to become a member of SNMA please contact either of our Co-Presidents, Melissa White ( and Maame Amoako (


To get involved in our programs, contact the following leaders:


Co-Chairs: Adwoa Baffoe-Bonnie ( & Samuel Ndukwe (


Liaison: Maya Blasingame (


Co-Chairs: Kendall Reitz ( & Mia Grayson (

MLK Banquet

Co-Chairs: Miriam Chisholm ( & Alyssa Bartlett (

Community Service

Co-Chairs: Kobi Adu-Kwarteng ( & Ashley Nmoh (

Social Events

Co-Chairs: Kiera Lunn ( & Darartu Gamada (