December 5, 2019 | Psalm 72: 1-7, 18-19

This semester we have been reminded that not every leader will “judge [their] people with righteousness, and [their] poor with justice.” We have been bombarded with messages about injustices all over the United States, China, Bolivia, Sudan, Chile, Syria, Venezuela, and so many other countries. This semester, I have found myself trapped in the midst of one of the largest historical protests in Santiago, Chile, a city now paralyzed by the violence of a few in reaction to the intolerable systemic injustices the Chilean government has condoned for far too long.

So our world is far from perfect. And what can we say from this? We can recognize the humble truth that humankind, and each one of us, is broken without God. None of us, left to our own devices, can lead any nation or group of people in full righteousness. The one good thing we can count on is that our God DOES know how to solve all our injustices, and is coming to our rescue, very, very soon! We can take this time to acknowledge our powerlessness before God and to give Them/Her/Him our trust and pray for guidance from the only one capable of ending all oppression.

This Advent, I hope we can challenge ourselves to actively inform ourselves and pray for those all around the world who are facing injustice at the hands of other children of God, and for God to bring them prosperity and righteousness. The Advent season is not only about celebration but is a period of waiting that reminds us that we are lost without our God—that we must wait for the arrival of our Savior to heal all things.

Maddie Fowler, ’21