Recap: Wine & Cheese + Posters Event

19 posters displayed, lots of your colleagues present, and lots of chatter. Read all about it…

If you came you were able to meet a new hospitalist who’s also the IRB representative for GIM, Neil Stafford, shake hands with a new faculty candidate, Dr. Nia Mitchell, figure out who’s Shelby Reed and who’s Reed Johnson, and by the way, they do research together. You might have seen yourself in the slideshow continuous loop on the large screens. Dizzy now? Enjoy the slideshow. And, do read the list of poster presentations below. #ProudToBeGIM


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  1. “A River Runs Through It”: Duke GIM and Primary Care Improvement
    Cho, Marstiller, Anderson et al
  2. Colorectal Cancer Statistics among Patients Reported in the Veterans Affairs Central Cancer Registry
    Zullig, Smith, Danus et al
  3. Communications in GIM – towards a comprehensive and integrated strategy
    Adams, Wright, Jackson-Goode et al
  4. Development of a Duke Hospital Medicine Discharge Standard
    Bae, Setji, Black et al
  5. Educational Initiatives at Duke Regional Hospital
    Sharma, Brooks, and Boyte
  6. The Effects of Potassium on Glucose Metabolism and Diabetes Risk in African Americans
    Chatterjee, Edelman, Svetkey et al
  7. Evidence Mapping – Do Systematic Reviews Report the Inclusion of Women and Sex as a Moderator of Intervention Effects
    Duan-Porter, Goldstein, Hughes et al
  8. General  Internal Medicine Advanced Consultation Center
    Bosworth, Strigo, and Boulware
  9. General Internal Medicine Research Methods and Shared Resources Core
    Strigo, Bosworth, Pendergast et al
  10. Hospital Medicine faculty development – Redesign and early implementation
    Gallagher, Chudgar, Setji et al
  11. The highest utilizers of care: individualized care plans to coordinate care, improve health care service utilization and reduce costs at Duke University Hospital
    Mercer, Kipnes, Bae et al
  12. Innovations in Duke Medical Student Education
    Chudgar, Jolly Graham, Peyser et al
  13. Linking Research to improving the care of patients: implementation research in the VA Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care
    Oddone, Bosworth, and Allen
  14. Precepting preferences in primary care providers: are we doing enough to ENTIC (Enlist New Teachers in Clinical Environments)?
    Peyser, Railey, Daily et al
  15. Results of the Duke Outpatient Clinic (DOC) Resident Clinic Redesign Two Years Later
    Bowlby, Zipkin, Greenblatt et al
  16. Specialty Outpatient Care Patterns in Medicare and Association with Patient Experience, Perceived Health, and Costs
    Clough, Patel, and Shrank
  17. Stated-Preference Research in Health: Impacts and Opportunities
    Reed and Johnson
  18. Three Good Things on Duke General Medicine: Improving Patient Outcomes Through Increased Care taker Resiliency
    Bae and Setji
  19. Meet the General Internal Medicine Administrative Staff