SGIM 2016 acceptances – we have more!

SGIM 2016

New Update! SGIM itinerary – Duke presentations! Click this link for the PDF: SGIM16 Itinerary for DGIM | posted 4/8/16


In two months many from Duke General Internal Medicine will be attending the annual meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine in Hollywood, Florida. Last week we posted a few of the submissions accepted for oral presentations and another for a workshop led by GIM faculty, but this week we have more!

*** Duke Medical Students *** to present during the opening plenary session, Thursday, May 12, 2016!

Duke Hotspotting Initiative (DHSI): Integrating Medical Education with Community-Based Care Coordination Jerry Lee; Morgan Hardy; Julie Rivo; Marigny M. Bratcher; Natasha T. Cunningham

Special Symposium Events

  1. Achieving Population Health by Clinical Integration in Accountable Care Organizations David Dugdale; Scott A. Berkowitz; Timothy G. Ferris; Jonathan Jaffery; Devdutta Sangvai
  2. The Doctor – Patient – Computer Relationship Stewart Babbott; Alex H. Cho; Wei Wei Lee; Courtney Rhudy


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

  1. Impact of a Community Based Service Learning Experience in Geriatrics for Internal Medicine Residents Rachel K. Miller; Jennifer Michener; Phyllis Yang; Karen M. Goldstein; Jennine Groce-Martin; Gala True; Jerry Johnson
  2. Direct oral anticoagulant usage in the treatment of venous thromboembolism across racial groups in Durham County, NC Bhavana P. Singh; Andrea Sitlinger; Ibrahim Saber; Elizabeth Thames; Michele Beckman; Nimia Reyes; Ryan D. Schulteis; Thomas Ortel
  3. Health conditions of a 1990-1991 Gulf War era veteran cohort – The Gulf War Era Cohort and Biorepository Karen M. Goldstein; Rebecca B. McNeil; Lara Khalil; Kristina Felder; Catherine Thomas; Richard L. Whitley; Mary E. Grewe; Elizabeth Hauser; Kendrick Gray; Kellie J. Sims; Grant Huang; Dawn Provenzale
  4. Behavioral Health Integration in Resident Primary Care Continuity Clinics: A Multi-Institutional Survey of Internal Medicine and Family Medicine Residents Patrick Hemming; Amber Hewitt; Joseph J. Gallo; Rodger Kessler; Rachel Levine

Thursday, May 12, 2016

  1. Clinic Utilization in Youth and Young Adults with Chronic Illness Before and After Transfer to Adult-Oriented Care Laura Hart; Gary R. Maslow; Nirmish Shah; Richard J. Chung; Audrey Brown; Richard Sloane
  2. Patient Level Factors Associated with Post-Emergency Department Observation Stays in a Medicare Population Zayd A. Razouki; Timothy Platts-Mills; Richard Sloane; David Edelman; Susan N. Hastings
  3. Engaged to Be Engaged in Community-Based Research? Gather the Tools You Need to Take the Leap into Practice Lisa A. Cooper; Monica E. Peek; L. Ebony Boulware ; Giselle M. Corbie-Smith; O. Kenrik Duru; Gbenga Ogedegbe
  4. Adherence to USPSTF and ACIP Clinical Guidelines in Resident Clinics Richard M. Atkins; Victor Poon; Alicia Clark; Joel C. Boggan; Gina-Maria Pomann; Jonathan Bae
  5. Developing a Data-Driven Workflow for Population Health Rounding Mark Sendak; Blake Cameron; Eugenie Komives; Joseph Futoma; Erich Huang; Katherine Heller; Devdutta Sangvai; L. Ebony Boulware ; Uptal D. Patel

Friday, May 13, 2016

  1. Characteristics and health care preferences of women veterans at risk for cardiovascular disease Karen M. Goldstein; Eugene Oddone; Lori A. Bastian; Su S. Mor; Donna L. Washington
  2. Mapping the Evidence: Intervention Sex Effects for Depression, Diabetes, and Chronic Pain Wei Duan-Porter; Karen M. Goldstein; Jennifer McDuffie; Jaime M. Hughes; Megan Clowse; Ruth Klap; Varsha Masilamani; Nancy Allen LaPointe; Avishek Nagi; Jennifer M. Gierisch; John W. Williams
  3. Decision support, allopurinol use, and uric acid testing in patients with gout-related visits at one VA medical center Joel C. Boggan; Ryan D. Schulteis; David L. Simel
  4. Case Series: An investigation of 30-day pneumonia readmissions at an academic medical center. Asad Ali; Aparna Kamath
  5. Improving nurse-physician communication through a resident-led communication device
    Alexis Wickersham; Krista M. Johnson; Aparna Kamath; Peter Kaboli
  6. Development and Implementation of a Data Collection Instrument for a National Influenza Emergency
    Elizabeth White; Sarah Collins; Beatriz Rocha; Satish Bhagwanjee; Raquel Bartz; J. Perren Cobb; Roberto A. Rocha
  7. Factors Associated with Sustained Uncontrolled Hypertension in a Low-Income, Largely Hispanic Primary Care Cohort with Diabetes Leah L. Zullig; Yuanyuan Liang; Shruthi Vale; Hayden Bosworth; Barbara J. Turner

Each submission accepted for SGIM 2016 represents amazing contributions by our clinician-educators and researchers. Many congratulations to you!

It’s possible now to search the online program itinerary using key words “Duke” or “Durham VA.”

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