SGIM 2015 Sneak Preview: VA-Related Sessions

SGIM 2015 Meeting IconWith just over a week left until the 2015 SGIM conference, it’s time for the third and final preview of presentations from the Duke division of General Internal Medicine. This week’s preview focuses on the Durham VAMC, with the following presentations from David Lee Simel, MD, Joel Boggan, MD, Ryan Schulteis, MD, John Wiley Williams, Jr., MD, and Jennifer Gierisch, PhD, MPH.

  • Incorporation of Guideline Data into Ordering Systems Reduces Transthoracic Echocardiography Order Frequency J.C. Boggan; R.D. Schulteis; M. Donahue; D.L. Simel (oral abstract session)
  • Integrating Mental Health into Patient-Centered Medical Homes: Recommendations From a VA Expert Panel E.T. Chang; P. Mehta; E.P. Post; L.V. Rubenstein; J.W. Williams (VA session)
  • Evidence-Based Quality Improvement in a VA Women’s Health Practice Based Research Network K.M. Goldstein; S.M. Frayne; J. Gierisch; J. Blakeney; E.M. Yano; A. Sadler; B. Bean-Mayberry; D. Carney; B. DiLeone; A. Fox; R. Klap; A. Hamilton; E. Yee; D. Vogt (scientific abstract poster presentation)
  • After Hospitalization, Follow-up with Your (And Only Your) Primary Care Physician is Associated With Reduced Readmissions R.D. Schulteis; D. Simel (oral abstract session)

Congratulations to everyone who is participating in this or other areas of the SGIM meeting!