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21e9e60c-f921-442c-a3c2-1fccfd8717bf-2Often, patients with chronic illnesses are prescribed a number of medications to take throughout their day, but experts suggest, close to half of those people don’t take their medications as directed by their doctors.

A recent study published in Health Affairs suggested a possible fix: syncing up prescription refill timelines for patients who take multiple medications. Kaiser Health News followed up on this study and were asking researchers what they thought of this possible solution. Duke GIM’s own Hayden Bosworth, PhD, was one of the researchers questioned.

In the news article, Bosworth states, “The study doesn’t link greater medication adherence to patients getting or staying healthier. That makes it hard to measure how much syncing prescriptions would really help consumers. But, that said, with these particularly effective drugs — there’s no question that if you take them, you’re going to have benefits.

Bosworth also mentioned the practice must be a part of a larger strategy. The article ends with Bosworth saying:

“Medication adherence is one of the largest public health problems we have,” he said. “I don’t think this is going to get us there, but it is part of the puzzle.”

See the full article here.

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