Bullfighters Ball

Please join us from 9AM - 5PM on Saturday, February 24, 2024 for the inaugural

Bullfighters Ball

Hosted by Duke Club Ballroom Dance

Join us the evening before The Ball on Friday, February 23rd from 7:30 - 9:00PM for the Welcome Dance!

    Competitors can:
  • Practice!
  • Meet TBA partners early
  • Make last minute registration changes
  • Get acquainted with the competition floor
  • Fill out facility safety waivers to save time Saturday morning

Brodie Recreation Center
20 Brodie Gym Dr.
Durham, NC 27705

Parking available on Duke East Campus outside of Brodie Recreation Center.

After 1PM, overflow parking is available at St. Joseph’s Episcopal: 1902 W Main St, Durham, NC 27705


  • Newcomer (W, T, F)
  • Bronze (WF/, T, V)
  • Silver (W/T/F, V)
  • Gold (W/T/F/V)
  • Novice (W/T/F)
  • Open (W/T/F/V)
  • Awards
  • Newcomer (C, R, S)
  • Bronze (C/R, S)
  • Silver (C/R/S, M)
  • Gold (C/R/S/M, B)
  • Novice (C/R/S)
  • Open (C/R/S/M, B)
  • Awards
Fun Dances

No registration required!

  • Hustle
  • Three-Person Tango
  • Same-Sex Rumba


  • Newcomer (W, T, F, Q)
  • Bronze (W/Q, T, F)
  • Silver (W/Q, T/F, V)
  • Gold (W/T/F/Q, V)
  • Novice (W/F/Q)
  • Open (W/T/F/Q, V)
  • Awards
  • Newcomer (C, R, J)
  • Bronze (C/R, S, J)
  • Silver (C/R, S/J)
  • Gold (C/R/S/J, P)
  • Novice (C/R/S)
  • Open (C/R/S/J, P)
  • Awards
  See BallroomCompExpress for details

Competitors may register for any number of dances, but are limited to two consecutive skill levels (newcomer, bronze, silver, gold, open) per style (Standard, Smooth, Latin, Rhythm)

Registration and Payment Deadlines
*All fees are waived for open-only dancers
  • Early registration by 1/24/24
      • Collegiate $35
      • Adult $40
  • Regular registration by 2/9/24
      • Collegiate $45
      • Adult $50
  • Late registration by 2/16/24
      • Collegiate $50
      • Adult $55
  • Tickets to watch (available at the door):
      • Children under 10 & Duke Students – Free
      • Children over 10 & Non-Duke Students $5
      • Adults $10
TBA Dancers
If you are registered as a TBA and searching for a partner, submit your information on this Ultimate TBA Spreadsheet to coordinate with other dancers!

Same-proficiency TBA partnerships will not be judged differently than other pre-arranged partnerships. So, if you find a TBA partner, please give us a heads up by reaching out to clubballroomdancing@duke.edu, or telling us day-of when you check in at the front desk!

In mixed-proficiency TBA partnerships, only the lower-proficiency dancer will be judged. These pairings will be made as needed on February 24th.


To our panel of officials:
Thank you so much for all your help! We couldn’t have done this without you, and we truly appreciate your time and expertise.
Inga Sirkaite, Judge
Anne Haberern, Judge

Not Pictured:

  • Bobby Willis, Judge
  • Rachel Moser, Judge
  • KP Soong, Scrutineer
  • Steven Krizo, Deck Captain
Dasha Hamrick, Judge
Rafael Suero, Judge
Jordan Jewell, Judge