407CCEE5-F559-4AF3-AFF5-D987476231A7 - Eliza Henne
Eliza Henne
President; Performance Chair

Year: Class of 2024

Major: Art History, concentration in Museum Theory; minor in Chemistry

Interests: Oil painting, planning arts events, geeking out at museums, and ballroom choreography

Fun Fact: I’m a fragrance hobbyist – ask me for perfume recommendations!


The President’s duties include presiding over meetings, as well as working with Sport Clubs and coaches; they also manage and oversee general club business.

The Performance Chair choreographs routines, runs practices, coordinates costumes, and works administratively with other groups on campus.

IMG_2685 - Ashley Wilson
Ashley Wilson
Vice President; Competition Chair

Year: Class of 2025

Major: Computer Science and Chemistry, concentration in Biochemistry

Interests: Weightlifting, board games, baking, and crochet

Fun Fact: I used to do nail art, and I was once featured in Women’s Day magazine for it!


The Vice President supports the President’s role and helps manage general affairs, in addition to standing in for the President in their absence. 

The Competition Chair organizes practice competitions and registers members for each competition.

Ethan Episcope

Year: Class of 2025

Major: Computer Science

Interests: Cooking and baking, dance, music, and sleep

Fun Fact: I worked as an EMT for a year and got to drive the ambulance!


The Treasurer’s duties involve managing the club budget and handling payments for things like competition dues and membership fees, in addition to handling money received from fundraisers.

IMG_7926 - Lucy Law
Lucy Law
Social Chair

Year: Class of 2025

Major: International Comparative Studies

Interests: Playwriting, fashion, baking, and photography

Fun Fact: I once brought home a plush dinosaur from my job in retail because he had a hole in his tummy and I felt bad for him. His name is Larry. 


The Social Chair manages the club’s social media accounts and website. Their duties also include planning dance socials, in-club social events, and fundraising events.

90F487B2-29DC-4E84-B859-676E2BA7020E - Akweley Allotey
Akweley Allotey
Safety Officer

Year: Class of 2025

Major: Chemistry, concentration in Pharmacology; minor in Biology

Interests: Reading, watching trash tv, exploring cities, and listening to music (especially JVKE)

Fun Fact: I’m double jointed in both shoulders!


Safety Officers receive Duke-required safety training, and at least one must attend each competition. They also help ensure that the club has enough approved drivers for travel.

IMG_0300 - Rafael Wingester Ribeiro de Oliveira
Rafael Wingester Ribeiro de Oliveira
Fundraising Chair

Year: 3rd Year PhD Student

Major: Political Science (formal theory)

Interests: Politics, mathematics, Baroque music, history, and weightlifting

Fun Fact: I am a dual national 🇵🇹🇧🇷!


The Fundraising Chair oversees and schedules fundraisers. They also work with the Social Chair to publicize relevant fundraising events.

1.1 - Karina Lu
Karina Lu
General Officer

Year: Class of 2026

Major: History; minor in French

Interests: Photography, playing the flute, poetry, and reading

Fun Fact: I worked at a winery in Southern France!


General Officers assist other officers with duties as needed.

Danielle_Vaithilingam_Uncropped - Danielle Vaithilingam
Danielle Vaithilingam
General Officer

Year: 2nd Year Masters Student

Major: Biostatistics

Interests: Dancing (in general), crochet, sewing, and research

Fun Fact: I love crochet and sewing! I usually have a little sewing kit on me for emergency clothing repairs.


General Officers assist other officers with duties as needed.