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Workshop – Discussion for Math/Physics Research Projects

Time: Wednesday, December 11 2019, 5:30-6:30pm

Location: IB 2025



Faculties: Jian-Guo Liu; Shixin Xu; Konstantinos Efstathiou; Wei Ji, Kai Huang, Changcheng Zheng

Students: Teodora Petkova, Cullen Peters, Huyue Yan, Zikang Jia, Jinchen Zhao, Tianyu Wu, Qianyu Pan, Yiqing Huang, Aiya Kuchukova

Staff: Yiwei Xiong


Prof Jian-Guo Liu prompted general opportunities for students


Prof Kai Huang presented his project

Please kindly check the link http://www.staff.uni-bayreuth.de/~bt170950/subfolder/Research.html  for more details.


Prof Changcheng Zheng introduced his current ideas

Currently, Prof. Zheng has two ideas:

  1. Optical characterization and analysis of properties of transparent ceramics (literature review first, detailed experiments in the summer of 2020).
  2. Raman and photoluminescence study of WS2 under different conditions (data analysis at the moment, in collaboration with Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics).

Other research projects in collaboration with local companies may happen in the near future. Please check the general information on the website: https://scholars.duke.edu/person/changcheng.zheng


Prof Konstantinos Efstathiou talked about dynamic system


Prof Shixin Xu gave his 2 directions on research and projects

Prof. Shixin Xu prompted three possible projects as below:

  1. single-cell calcium dynamics after the cortical spreading depress model. You may need some ODE and some coding knowledge.
  2. Signal and data analysis. We will have some data (including digital signal and images or others) to do the classification and prediction.
  3. We could learn to solve the diffusion-transport equation on a curved surface and try to code it. You need some PDE and some differential geometry knowledge.

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