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Poster Lightning Talks

Selected posters will deliver brief and focused talks on their posters’ key points.

Chair:  Hwanhee Hong, PhD (Duke University)

Speaker: Boaz Adler (Cytel Inc.)
Title: Congruent Statistical Tools: Examining Definitions of Probability of Success in Clinical Trials Using Commercial Software in Combination with R-Code

Speaker: Zhenwei Zhou (Amgen Inc.)
Title: An Improved Biomarker-guided Adaptive Enrichment Design

Speaker: Chenglin Ye (Roche/Genentech)
Title: Event-Prediction for Time-to-Event Analysis in Oncology Clinical Trials

Speaker: Vincent Staggs (IDDI, Inc.)
Title: Constrained Promising Zone Designs in Practice

Speaker: Shuangfei Shi (Georgia State University)
Title: Direct Estimation of Volume Under the ROC Surface with Verification Bias

Speaker: Chenyin Gao (North Carolina State University)
Title: Improving Randomized Controlled Trial Analysis via Data-Adaptive Borrowing

Speaker: Chanhwa Lee (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Title: Nonparametric Causal Survival Analysis under Clustered Interference

Speaker: Yi Liu (North Carolina State University)
Title: Covariate Adjustment in Randomized Experiments under High Dimensions

Speaker: Kyungeun Jeon (Duke University)
Title: Comparing Estimators in an Integrated RCT and External Control Data Using Balancing Weights and Clinical Data Application

Speaker: Qiao Wang (Duke University)
Title: Bayesian Hierarchical Models with Mixtures of G-priors for Assessing Treatment Effect Moderation in Meta-Analysis