The DISS2021 is pleased to invite submissions for poster presentations and poster award competitions. The poster session provides an excellent opportunity to allow the presenters to introduce your work and have virtual interactions with the audience. Topics that involve the use of quantitative methods in pharmaceutical developments are preferred. Posters that have been presented before at other conferences are acceptable.

  1. All posters or slides will be uploaded to conference website one week before the conference. An electronic version poster or slides with less than 10 pages are both accepted formats.
  2. Virtual poster presentation session is 12:00-1:15pm on April 22, 2021. Each presenter has 5 minutes to pitch their project.
  3. Virtual interaction time will be arrange for poster presenters and audience right after the presentation session.

Poster Submission

The deadline to submit a e-poster/slides is April 4, 2021 5:00pm to ensure your poster is available online for download before the conference and be considered for award. To submit, please send your poster with subject line “Poster submission for DISS2021” to both Dr. Qing Yang at and Dr. Marlina Nasution at

Poster Awards

Any poster that is submitted by April 4, 2021 5:00pm will be considered for poster awards. Posters will be evaluated by the poster committee based on its scientific merit and presentation. One to two poster award winners will be selected and will be announced at the keynote session on Friday April 23. Each winner will receive a prize and an award certificate.

Session 1
Organizer: Qing Yang, Duke University
Judge: Michael Sonksen, Eli Lilly

Poster IDPresenterAffiliationTitle
D1Shuyen HoUCBAn Elegant Multiplicity Strategy for A Phase-3 Clinical Trial
D2Lu CuiUCBA 2-in-1 Design with Improved Efficiency
D3Dalong HuangFDAStatistical Modelling in Preclinical Drug Proarryhythmic Assessment
D4Jennifer MarcelloParexelChallenges and Solutions for Adaptive Design COVID-19 Treatment Studies
D5Anagha KakadeParexelImpact of Covid 19 Pandemic on a Non-Covid-Study
D6Kim WeyerParexelA SAS Macro to predict event dates
D7Bernd HoelscherParexelAdaptive phase II/III Covid-19 studies with dose selection
D8Dalong Huang & Janell ChenFDAImpacts of ABPM Quality Criteria on Primary Endpoint and the Comparison of two ABPM Parameter Derivation Methods

Session 2
Organizer: Marlina Nasution, Parexel
Judge: Sin-Ho Jung, Duke University

Poster IDPresenterAffiliationTitle
A1Joe ZhaoNCSUOutcome-Adjusted Balance Measure for Generalized Propensity Score Model Selection
A2Jiashen LuPITTOn the Presence of Heteroscedasticity when There is Uneven Randomization in Clinical Trials
A3Hira AwanDukeA deep learning approach for joint batch calibration and clustering of multi-center flow cytometry data
A4Daniel HatchDukeAnalysis of a Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Implementation Science Trial to Improve CHG Bathing Compliance
A5Zheng GuUC DavisAssessing Local California Trends in Emergency Physician Opioid Prescriptions from March 2012 to July 2020
A6Amy ZhaoDukeSearching for Subgroups with Enhanced Intervention Effect with Clinical Trial Data: A Latent Class/Profile Analysis Approach
A7Yan GaoUCIResampling-based Stepwise Multiple Testing Procedures with Applications to Clinical Trial Data
A8Juanxian GengBoehringer-IngelheimMixture of Finite Mixtures Model for Basket Trial