Picture of Duke Disability Alliance students gathered in the Disability Cultural Center, a room with light grey carpet and a dark grey couch. Eight students wearing masks look into the camera. Some artwork is visible on the off-white walls.

Welcome to Disability at Duke, a website organizing student and faculty efforts for disability justice and pedagogy.

These pages will help you explore opportunities for Duke students and faculty interested in Disability Studies and the Health Humanities.

In the Fall of 2021, Duke Disability Alliance celebrates the opening of their new Disability Cultural Center! Located in Bryan Center 033, this community space is an important step toward promoting disability visibility and culture on campus. The DCC provides meeting space for disability-related student groups, features artwork by students and local disabled artists, and has a disability studies bookshelf.

Current goals include proposing a new minor in Disability and Health Humanities.

A Duke TODAY article from 2015, “Using Humanities to Improve Healthcare,” provides background on ongoing efforts to create an inclusive culture, accessible learning environments, and academic opportunities that integrate a humanistic social justice perspective with approaches to health and policy.

To get involved, contact dukedisabilityalliance@duke.edu.