1.  How many trainees are selected with each cohort?

  • We will select 3 trainees for each cohort

2. How long is the training program?

  • Each cohort has a 12-month commitment to the program

3. Can I select which mentor I want to work with?

  • Mentors will be matched with trainees based on the trainee’s interests and career goals. However, DIRECT employee a team mentoring approach, so all trainees will benefit from interactions with each mentor

4. What is my job status if I am selected in the cohort?

  • Your job title will be a Clinical Research Intern, which has a status of Duke employee with full benefits

5. Can the program extend beyond a year?

  • Each trainee will have a 12-month term with the program.  However, it is possible that a trainee can work with their mentor past the 12 month cycle if there is funding available

6. What if an trainee is accepted into medical school or other graduate programs while still employed at DIRECT?

  • This would be great! Trainees are encouraged to apply for medical school/graduate programs during the training.  DIRECT will offer guidance on taking the GRE, MCAT, personal statements and application materials, interviewing, etc for those interested.

7. Are there additional funds available to the fellows?

  • Yes, there are additional funds available for each trainee that can be used for research expenses or training, to attend conferences (airfare/meals/transportation), publish manuscripts/posters, purchase a work laptop, etc

8. Is a certificate or degree awarded upon completion of the program?

  • There is no formal certificate or degree awarded at the end of the program

9. Is there flexibility with the start date?

  • Yes.  We would like all trainees to start at the same time but understand that the set start date might not work with everyone’s schedule, especially if a trainee is moving to North Carolina from another state

10. If I get an interview, will I be selected?

  • Unfortunately, not everyone who makes it to the interview process will be selected for the program

11. Will this program provide housing if I move from out of state?

  • This program does not cover housing costs, although we will help trainees with resources to find your own housing

12. What if I have additional questions?

  • Please reach out to us by email: DIRECTFellowship@dm.duke.edu