DIRECT Cancer Fellowship is a 12-month applied cancer training program for recent minority university graduates with an interest in entering the cancer research workforce. The program will focus on experiential learning and mentoring in the following key areas: 1) cancer research, 2) professional development, and 3) science communication.​


Value Proposition: Greater diversity in the cancer research workforce is critical and has the following tangible benefits to healthcare and society: 1) maximizes talent and productivity​; 2) promotes equity in the health research workforce​; 3) enhances innovation and impact; 4) enables better, more effective interventions to eliminate health disparities​; and 5) enhances our position as a global leader in addressing health issues​


Program vision: To create a cancer research workforce that is diverse, innovative, and impactful


Program goal: To build a robust, sustainable, and replicable program that eliminates barriers for minority trainees and promotes equity in the cancer research workforce by providing mentoring and training focused on cancer research, professional development, and science communication