Crestron Visits Duke, Virtually

This past week, Crestron visited Duke… virtually, to highlight some new products and to provide an overview of upcoming changes to various Crestron platforms. The key takeaways were, CH5 (Crestron + HTML5) is here, and we’ll soon be able to leverage the platform for more dynamic visuals on touch panels and mobile devices. Also, the transition throws off the shackles of Crestron’s dependency upon Flash, a very good thing. Second, 4 series processors are making their way to market… but before you throw all of your 3 series processors in the trash, you may soon discover that the 4 series is more of an evolution of the 3 series vs. the major transformation that came along with the 2 series to 3 series shift. The first professional device released is the MC4, a followup to the residential focused MC4-R. Finally, we chatted about what we’d like to see in the coming years (perhaps DMPS units with NVX built-in, or an entry-level DMPS unit with dual matrixed DM/HDBT outputs?). It’s always fun to speculate, but one thing is clear, VGA is dead.

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