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Video Working Group :

By: Devon Henry

Today our Video Working Group meeting was led by Steve Toback and he discussed our review tool, 

Lookat is something we all use now in Academic Media Production. It allows us to collaborate more efficiently and clearly with staff on videos. It works by leaving comments directly onto the video so that people can provide feedback easily and the editors can see the exact point in a video an edit needs to be made. 

Steve went over how you can upload different versions of one video to a file on lookat. We also discussed sped-up playback, replying to comments, 360 video support, and drawing on the video to indicate edits. I also didn’t realize that people outside of Duke could leave comments on lookat, so that was good to learn.

Our discussion also turned to review in general and we mentioned other tools that provide similar features to lookat like Motion rays and Vimeo. You can contact Steve Toback if you’re interested in using Lookat for your projects.

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