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Insta360 GO

By: Devon Henry

Insta360 is coming out with another camera — this time, the Go Stabilized camera. It’s a super small camera you can connect to your clothes or hang up to take quick shots of the place around you. It’s water resistant and can be used in a ton of ways. It’s available for Androids and iPhones.

The resolution is nice, and the camera comes with tools to help you edit on your phone. And if this stabilization on this camera is really like what they’re advertising, I’m very intrigued.

Thanks to the short record time for clips (it will turn off after 30 seconds for real-time clips) I’m not sure if it has extremely practical application for a lot of teaching, but I definitely love the idea of this thing a lot. The battery life is also somewhat low, and the price point a little high at $199, but it’ll be cool to see if this can be more than a novelty item like a lot of these cameras can be.

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