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Premium VFX Ink Transitions

By: Devon Henry

These transitions are another bundle from Fx Factory that work for Final Cut Pro. The main idea of the set is to create an ink-blot effect that wipes one scene to the next. It creates a pretty cool effect.

The transitions are really neat – there’s a ton of them, and they’re all editable with colors, length and opacity. You can pretty much position them in any direction you’d like. There’s even keyframe features that let you change the opacity and color of the effect mid-transition.

As I kind-of expected, though, the 8K equirectangular format of the particular project I tried them out on isn’t kind to the transitions, so you get a bit of an awkward, sharp cut-off when it reaches its limits, instead of it smoothly wiping off the screen. You can see it below, looking pretty dramatic. That won’t affect 99% of projects one would use this effect for, however, as the transitions are in mostly 4k resolution.

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