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Video Working Group Meeting: Sling Studio

By: Devon Henry

This month’s Video Working Group meeting was all about Sling, a video streaming service. It’s an affordable setup that is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and powerful. Stephen Toback reported seeing this at NAB earlier this year. While the model is technically “version one”, Sling Studio is doing a lot to show how robust its product continues to do a lot to improve the existing technology. With the basic technology selling at $999, it’s definitely worth checking out.

We discussed how our various needs could have been met with a setup like this – the topic of graduation came up a lot, but there are certainly many other instances throughout the year we could use this for that would seem to save a lot of headaches.

Here were some of the cool things that were discussed about the product:

  • Battery is easily swappable without breaking the feed in the middle of a recording, or you can plug it in. The batteries can also hold up to a three hour charge.
  • Works with cameras and phones, including android through the free capture app.
  • You can connect up to 10 total camera sources in one stream, 4 of which can be in queue with one main camera.
  • Easy to control audio live.
  • High quality streams.
  • Simple integration with speaker’s slide presentation or other notes if necessary.
  • The CameraLink has an indicator that can be turned towards the individual videographers that indicates whether their shot is live or not.
  • Can capture to SD card or an external drive.

There are tons more things to talk about with this easy-to-use product (there was a lot of emphasis on how teens had been able to use this on the fly with no training), so check out their website and Steve’s NAB report for more.

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