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OpenShot Video Editor

By: Devon Henry

Adding to the list of free video editors for Macs and PCs, I found OpenShot!

For positives, there are many. It’s very user-friendly, similarly set up to other editing programs but without many distractions for users unfamiliar with them. A quick briefing on how timelines work and some tinkering should do the trick in getting one acquainted with what Openshot has to offer.

The best thing to me is that the program doesn’t force you to upgrade to a paid version to export your video. There are no watermarks and no file size restrictions that I could see. This is something I don’t see often in this genre of software.

Being a free program, however, there are naturally a few cons. The mac version seems to lag more than I like, but I haven’t looked to see how it runs on any other system. Color correction tools are limited, but they do have a small library of transitions and video effects.

Overall, it’s pretty bare bones, but something to recommend to someone on a pc looking for an editor to download that is both going to work and not be so confusing that it can’t be figured out. And free!

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