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By: Devon Henry

I can understand why people don’t like the idea of subscription software very much, so I like to find things to recommend to people that don’t require monthly payments. While not every video project needs photo editing software, some do, so for people that don’t have access to photoshop, I like to use the in-browser app “Pixlr”. Not only does it not require a monthly subscription to use, it can actually be completely free and you dont even have to download anything.

If you’ve used any kind of photo editing software, Pixlr’s interface is going to look really familiar. It has many basic features of photoshop, including masking, healing, magic wand, and pinching tools. It also opens .psds + other application-specific file types, and can import fonts and also runs well alongside 123rf if you have an account with them (but it’s not necessary to have one to use the program).

Sure, some things are gone or a bit more difficult to use – there aren’t as many adjustment modes for layers or filters or a lot of color correction tools. The fact that it runs in a browser alongside a bunch of ads makes it a little slower than something like Photoshop, too. It wouldn’t be my go-to for photograph editing, personally, unless I only had a few minor corrections to make. Still, to me, the fact that it’s free makes up for the shortcomings on most projects.

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