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New Features In The Adobe Photoshop Update!

By: Joseph Johnson

AI is here!  Fortunately our robot overlords have refrained from annihilating us and instead want to help us curate and edit our pictures.  All jokes aside, Adobe has developed a collection of deep learning algorithms they call Sensei.  They initially debuted these tools for tracking facial recognition and replacing backgrounds in mobile photo editing apps and apparently the technology is ready for professional prime time.

The new technology debuts in a feature called “Select Subject.”

Select subject at work.

Any photo editor knows that one of the biggest pains in the stylus is the arduous process of isolating images from the background for modification or deletion.  Hours are spent meticulously manipulating brush and pen tools to create intricate masks to achieve this goal.  Select subject seeks to eliminate this process and save photo editing savants and hobbyists alike a lot of time and energy.

It’s not perfect.  The tool has varying levels of success depending on the complexity of the image.  Results tend to be close enough for a decent starting point that a creative can work from.  The better the separation from the background, the better the results.  Green screen shoots should be a breeze with this tech.

The other new addition to this version of Photoshop is nominal but nothing to dismiss.  Microsoft Dial functionality has been expanded to incorporate more brushes that can be summoned on the fly.  Adobe touts that is allows you to “easily change brush parameters including size, opacity, and other brush settings — right as you paint.”

Overall this update was pretty minimal but the new AI deep learning powered “Select Subject” feature keeps Photoshop at the head of the image editing pack!

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