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Videvo video

By: Devon Henry

I always like coming across free stuff. is a completely free to use site that has a library of watermark-free stock footage.

Videvo is pretty cool because you dont even necessarily have to register to use it, let alone hand over any money. Copyright rules vary with clips, but everything’s laid out straightforwardly on each page. Downloads start immediately and are labeled clearly, and the clip dimensions are large enough to use in your average quality video.

When you scroll down on a clip, it will suggest a bunch of similar clips, but watch out before getting too attached to them. Videvo runs on partnerships and ad revenue alone, so nearly all of the top suggestions will lead to Shutterstock clips – which, while a perfectly good site, isn’t free. So, unless youre looking to pay or deal with watermarks, you’ll want to make sure you stay on Videvo’s site.

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