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Simple, Spectacular Architectural VR

By: Stephen Toback

OIT Media Technologies has  been following a company called Matterport for a couple of years. They have packaged a camera/service focused on the real estate market to allow agents to create pretty astounding VR walk throughs of properties. Due to the incredible quality of the VR “walk throughs” and realitvely ease of use, I can see some potential for use in instruction – capturing a historic building or museum in a remote location that would be difficult for students to visit. I haven’t pulled the trigger on purchasing the camera since you have to purchase their hosting service and the camera is $4k. I recently found out that a friend of mine has added the Matterport to her photography business and will do up to a 2400 sq ft location for just $200. We could do the Chapel or a building on campus, but I wanted to reach out to ask that you all keep your ears open for any instructional opportunities that may focus on a location. DDI has agreed to fund the initial exploration so feel free to email oit-mt-info if you have an idea for an experiment.

Here’s a sample:

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