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Crestron Starts Shipping Next-Generation TSW Touch Screens

By: Richard Mitchell

It’s time to throw away your old Crestron touch screens. The new “60 series” screens have arrived! </thick AV sarcasm>
A few weeks ago, Crestron announced three new touch screens, the 5 inch TSW-560, 7 inch TSW-760, and 10 inch TSW-1060. These touch screens will replace the TSW-550, TSW-552,TSW-750,TSW-752, TSW-1050, and TSW-1052 touch screens that have been available for some time (our go-to touch screens at Duke).

Key Highlights

  • Faster, more responsive processor… who doesn’t want more speed?
  • Improved security (always good)
  • Backlit capacitive buttons – this will be ideal in a dimly lit classroom or if you want to “hide” a soft button via programming
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Camera options – possibly for
  • Price!

If you have an upcoming project, you may want to update to these new touch screens. They start shipping tomorrow.

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