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The New Zoom H4n Pro is Shipping

By: Richard Mitchell

The Zoom H4n Pro, a very nice upgrade to the non-Pro circa 2009 Zoon H4n, has started to ship.

An image of the new Zoom H4n Pro.

What’s the Big Deal?

Back in 2009, the original H4n was one of the few reasonably priced and feature rich analog-to-digital recorders/interfaces with good quality built-in mics. It’s also small enough to mount to the top of a DSLR rig, it can be battery powered, offers multi-track recording, has two XLR inputs… etc. etc. (it has a long list of features). Basically, it’s the “Swiss Army knife” of audio recorders and audio interfaces. The one (BIG) gotcha for many are the preamps. They aren’t great… or even good. Sure, it’s still a major improvement over using a webcam mic, or the built-in DSLR mic, but in terms of professional audio, the preamps made the device prosumer at best. This was especially true when connecting professional mics via the XLR inputs to the unit.

What’s New?

  • NEW low noise preamps!
  • The H4n Pro has an improved screen
  • Locking XLR connectors

How do I use my original H4n

I use my H4n as an audio interface for my Macbook Pro, when connecting condenser microphones (this is great for capturing audio directly to Final Cut Pro for voiceover work). I’ve also been using the device when conducting live webcasts, where I connect two wireless lav mics to the H4n.

Comment below if you have any specific questions about the device, or if you would be interested in coordinating a demo of my original Zoom H4n. My Zoom H4n is still a workhorse, and I look forward to upgrading to the Pro version in the future.

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