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Raving about the Epiphan & the Pearl (and Possible Demo for Duke)

By: Todd Stabley

Epiphan Pearl

EPIPHAN is a name many of you will recognize, as they’ve been creating hardware devices for bringing external signals into applications for capture or real time communication for about 13 years. The VGA2USB and DVI2USB are framegrabbers that have enjoyed great popularity over the years. But two relatively new products are shaking things up a bit, and we wanted to make sure they were on your radar and let you know Epiphan is interested in doing a demo for us.

First, the HD is poised to succeed the DVI2USB by innovating in two key areas–usability and cost. It’s about $350.00 vs $700.00 for the DVI2USB. The HD lacks the customizability of the DVI2USB (i.e., the ability to set things like frame rate, color palette and cropping), but those features are likely to involve specialized use cases. The other key innovation offered by the is that is uses OS-level drivers, so it’s pretty much plug and play, as we’ve come to expect with peripheral devices such as USB cameras. The HD did a great job meeting a need recently to record footage at Duke from an electron microscope as part of one of our Coursera courses. HD

Last October, we wrote about the Epiphan Pearl, an appliance that represents a big jump for Epiphan from simple capture to a full broadcasting, switching and recording platform. Since then, the Pearl has continued to wow users with its user-friendliness and powerful combination of features. This four minute video does a good job of showing what the Pearl can do:

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

If you are interested in participating in a demo of these and other Epiphan products, please email to let us know.



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