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Crestron is now shipping its new huddle room presentation system – HD-MD-400-C-E

By: Jack D'Ardenne


a-HD-MD-400-C-ECreston has starting shipping the HD-MD-400-C-E, which is its new huddle room presentation system.    It features an HD scaler, display control, HDBaseT, and automatic input switching.  The system uses a transmitter and receiver which are connected by a single cable using HDBaseT.  The transmitter can be mounted underneath a table and has 2 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, and 1 x Analog connections.  No Crestron touch panel is required and the switching is done automatically depending on what is plugged into it.  The receiver can be connected to a display or projector and also has 1 x HDMI, which could be used for something like a Crestron AirMedia or Apple TV.  The system also has ethernet connectivity and can be monitored and controlled via Crestron Fusion.

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