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DDMC Meeting – Duke video conferencing services update / Crestron room scheduling touch panel demo / Solstice Pod demo – 10/30/15 2pm

By: Jack D'Ardenne

Next Friday we are having a three part DDMC meeting, which will be co-hosted by OIT and Trinity Technology Services.  We will be meeting on Friday, October 30th at 2pm in the Sociology-Psychology building room 130. Please check below for the meeting agenda.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Meeting Agenda
1) Duke video conferencing services update – OIT’s Communications team will kick things off with an update on the future of Duke’s video conferencing services.  Some topics to be discussed will be Cisco Jabber,  Cisco Movi, and video conferencing codec support.
2) Crestron room scheduling touch panel demo – OIT’s Media Technologies and Trinity Technology Services will demo a few Crestron room scheduling touch panels that are currently working with both Duke’s Exchange and 25Live calendar services.  
3) Solstice Pod demo – Trinity Technology Services will be giving a demo of Mersive’s new Solstice Pod.   At last year’s DDMC wireless presentation device shootout meeting, Fuqua showed us Mersive’s Solstice software solution that ran on a Windows PC.  The Solstice Pod is a software-based collaboration solution integrated on an Android hardware platform purpose-built for wireless media streaming. 

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